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Design/delivery of programme of biological recording training workshops/practical sessions, plus BioBlitzes; development of Cornwall Dunes Recording Group (2021 to date).

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Design/delivery of identification/habitat-based workshops.

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Kernow Glassa

Design/delivery of workshops and downloadable activities for primary school-aged children (2022-2023).

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Introductory ecology workshops for habitat management

Design/delivery of a programme of workshops in Penwith, Cornwall (Penwith Landscape Partnership grant-funded) (2023).

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Online delivery of Dune Plants workshop, and design/delivery of further workshops (2022 to date).


Provision of 24-hr BioBlitz, with Resilient Orchards Cornwall CIC (July 2022, 2023).


Event report

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Involvement in planning/delivering a 24-hour BioBlitz (June 2022).

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Design/delivery of programme of biological recording training workshops/practical sessions; plus BioBlitzes; development of Penwith Wildlife Recorders Group (2021 to date).

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Design/delivery of natural history/biological recording workshops (2022 to date).

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Design/delivery of a regular series of summer workshops for students.

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Design/delivery of identification/habitat-based workshops (2022).

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Orchard Biodiversity

In development: with Resilient Orchards Cornwall CIC – orchard biodiversity research and monitoring.

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Site recording day and wildlife walkabouts (2022).

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