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September 2023

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As is evident by the three-month gap between updates, things have continued to be very hectic!  Updates have been provided on our Facebook page, so at least we haven't been completely remiss at keeping you in the loop...

In lieu of written updates here, we will be moving to production of a regular newsletter, which will be added here but which will also be available via a (free) email subscription.  If you would like to receive our newsletter, please sign up here.




11 June 2023


This week has been hectic but most enjoyable.  Here in West Cornwall, the hot weather and sunshine persisted for the first half of the week, to be replaced by the odd rain shower, overcast skies, a couple of breezy days and despite the humidity, generally lower temperatures.

Over the course of the week, we've talked Grasses with University of Exeter students, looked for Dune Bees and other lovely things on the very hot Towans with the Dynamic Dunescapes gang, revisited the Towans and Gwithian Green in less hot conditions with the Penwith Wildlife Recorders Group, and headed east to the other end of the county to meet with the lovely Friends of Tincombe, following which I delved into the world of Sway to make a thing!

Plans for our Introductory Ecology workshops are developing nicely, so if you are a Penwith resident (or work in Penwith) and are initested in attending, do get in touch.  Pretty poster available here.

Next week, we're in Par for Insects with the G7 folk, venturing to the beautiful Roseland Peninsula to support Wild Roseland volunteers in their endeavours, attending the Penwith Landscape Partnership Finale party, exploring the Zennor headland, and possibly popping up to Colliford Lake to participate in a BioBlitz.  There's a distinct possibility that some of us will be a bit too pooped by all of this but the mind's willing, at least!



28 May 2023


Silly Season continues for the Budding Nature team, with what can sometimes feel like a non-stop stream of workshops, BioBlitzes and similar events!

This week, between us (and amongst other things), we’ve had an online meeting about how we might be able to support some important community work in Bude, introduced/reintroduced Dynamic Dunescapes volunteers new and old to the wonderful world of insect identification, delivered the first of our annual series of workshops to University of Exeter students at the Penryn Campus, spent three hours at sea with the Marine Discovery team (getting very wet in the process) and members of the Penwith Wildlife Recording Group, had a fabulous day out with the Botanical Cornwall Group on the Lizard, and one of us might’ve overdone it somewhat by clambering down and up the coast path whilst carrying very heavy and unwieldy camera equipment, during an otherwise lovely day out with a friend from UpCountry.

Next week continues to be rather hectic, with three more University of Exeter workshops, a fair bit of behind-the-scenes work (admin, planning, researching, designing, etc.), and hopefully, another day out checking out Penwith orchards.

Upcoming events...

Dynamic Dunescapes workshops – keep an eye on the Dynamic Dunescapes Facebook page for upcoming events and details of how to book.

World Sand Dune Day Saturday 24 June – we will be joining the Dynamic Dunescapes folk at Perran Sands Holiday Park to celebrate all things sand, with wildlife walks, art events and nature-themed family-friendly activities, as well as getting out and about around the site to make some biological records.  Again, for more info, keep an eye on the Dynamic Dunescapes Facebook page.

G7 Legacy Project for Nature Recovery workshops – the first of these takes place June 14, with further details on the project's Eventbrite page.

Introductory Ecology workshops – we now have date/location details for our programme of three workshops to be delivered in Penwith (three times!) over the next few months.  You can download a poster here, and if you'd like to know more and/or book, do pop us an email.

Tehidy BioBlitz July 22-23 – subject to the Powers That Be at Cornwall Council giving us the final go-ahead, after such an enjoyable event last year, we will, again, be hanging out around the orchards, meadows and woods of Tehidy Country Park for a weekend of species hunting, orchard- and nature-based activities and wonderful company.  Details to follow.

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