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               Dr Sally Luker - Director

               BA (Hons), FdSc, BSc (Hons), PhD



Sally is a self-confessed natural history anorak, who enjoys nothing more than poking around in vegetation looking for signs of life! Recognised as one of Cornwall’s leading entomologists, a nature walk with Sally is a gateway into a rich and fascinating world of tiny creatures (and signs of tiny creatures) that most of us would otherwise unknowingly pass by. Her principal area of expertise is plant-invertebrate relationships but as a seasoned biological recorder and Pan-species lister, Sally’s ID skills and knowledge extend across all taxonomic groups.

Sally completed her PhD at the University of Exeter, looking at the role of plant-invertebrate interactions in the shaping of ecological communities. Through her work at the university, she has an array of experience to call upon, from assisting with undergraduate/postgraduate teaching to spending countless hours peering at small creatures under a microscope. She is also an experienced designer and deliverer of workshops, including developing inclusive activities for neurodiverse participants and children with Special Educational Needs (SEN). Her expertise has been called upon by many organisations, including the National Trust, Cornwall Wildlife Trust, ERCCIS, Isles of Scilly Wildlife Trust, University of Exeter and Plantlife. 

Sally also has a FdSc in Bird Biology, a BSc (Hons) in Conservation Biology & Ecology and from many moons ago, a BA (Hons) in Music.  She’s a qualified First Aider and Social Enterprise Qualification (SEQ) mentor, and is Secretary/Coordinator for the Cornwall & Isles of Scilly Federation of Biological Recorders (CISFBR), as well as sitting on the ERCCIS Advisory Board.

In addition to her work with Budding Nature, Sally is a ‘Data Wrangler’ with the Bumblebee Conservation Trust, an Associate Researcher with the University of Exeter, and helps to deliver Field Studies Council training.

                Derek Green - Director

              BSc (Hons), FdSc, BSc (Hons), PTLS



As a keen natural historian and former college lecturer, teaching subjects including Ecology, Freshwater Ecology, Biodiversity and Field Botany, Derek has extensive knowledge of wildlife and ecological processes. He has provided botanical expertise for undergraduate and postgraduate fieldwork at the University of Exeter and has been influential in inspiring students from all backgrounds to pursue their interests in the natural world. He has been described by colleagues and students as a natural teacher and has a passion for sharing his knowledge, helping to equip people with the knowledge and skills to enhance their engagement with nature, and, hopefully, to play a part in its protection.

Whilst Derek’s principal area of interest is botany, he has excellent all-round knowledge of natural history. He is also a highly experienced workshop designer and deliverer, creating and hosting workshops for Cornwall Wildlife Trust, ERCCIS, Penwith Landscape Partnership, Dynamic Dunescapes Cornwall, Isles of Scilly Wildlife Trust, Plantlife, the National Trust, and the University of Exeter.

Derek has a FdSc in Conservation & Countryside Management and BSc (Hons) degrees in Environmental Resource Management and in Biology, and is a Social Enterprise Qualification (SEQ) mentor.  He has also been enlisted as a Field Studies Council Associate Tutor.

               Fi Tate - Director




Since experiencing the delights of Derek's teaching while undertaking her foundation degree (completed in 2016), Fi has been working as a very dedicated Primary School Teaching Assistant/Learning Mentor, focusing on the delivery of natural history-related education and pastoral care. Possessing a particular skill for innovation and for inspiring her pupils, she has introduced and developed the extra-curricular Bug/Eco Club, and her role as a Teaching Assistant also includes working towards a John Muir Award with her KS2 students.  In 2021, Fi was awarded a Certificate of Excellence in the Pearson National Teaching Awards/Award for Teaching Assistant of the Year.

Fi is an experienced designer and deliverer of activities and workshops for children, with strong and rapidly developing natural history knowledge.  She has experience of working with environmental organisations, including Plantlife and OPAL (Open Air Laboratories network), and is qualified to deliver OPAL and Students Invasive Non-Native Group (SINNG) workshops.

As well as her FdSc in Conservation & Countryside Management, Fi is trained/qualified in paediatric First Aid and general First Aid, WRAPS (Work, Rest and Play the Sensory Way), Team Teach, Autism Awareness, and holds a RNLI water safety certificate. She is also a qualified Outdoor Leader.

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