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Budding Nature's website launch!

We at Budding Nature are very proud to be launching our website and are looking forward to setting out on our journey to help to increase awareness and understanding of the natural world around us and to equip people with the knowledge and skills to participate in its protection. We would obviously have wished that circumstances were different at the time of this launch, but one positive effect of lockdown has been an upsurge in interest in nature amongst the general public. We hope to be able to play our part in helping to build on that renewed enthusiasm for our natural surroundings and to channel it into providing greater understanding and protection of our biodiversity. We hope to meet many of you in person in the not-too-distant future and in the meantime we are working to develop a range of online resources to help people engage with nature, so watch this space! We are also always willing to provide advice, answer your natural history questions as best we can, and help with species identifications – you can contact us via the website, via our Facebook page, or by e-mailing us at

Best wishes,

The Budding Nature team (Sally, Derek, Fi & Megan)

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